Work with Ascent

Our Staff support children and adults across the New England region to achieve their goals at home, at work, and in their local community.

To ensure we continue to create great opportunities, provide lifelong skilling for people with disabilities and support for families and carers in the New England Region, we are always interested in hearing from people wanting to join our team.

We encourage applications from anyone who is interested in making a difference to the lives of the people we support.

Our goal is to provide quality support to people living with disability that ensures their wellbeing and the achievement of the outcomes that are important to them.

We are seeking people who are enthusiastic, caring, and willing to learn.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Most of our support roles enable flexible working arrangements. These roles may be part-time or casual.


We  strive to ensure that Ascent remains an employer of first choice by providing a consultative and progressive environment for our workforce. We believe that our staff are the backbone of our service delivery and it is imperative that constructive support is available to allow them to fulfil their roles.

Our guiding principles are:

  1. Respect — ensure dignity and valuing of individual talents, strengths and diversity
  2. Embrace opportunity — actively seek new and creative approaches and opportunities to benefit participants
  3. Best practice — strive to deliver services and supports recognised as best practice
  4. Expertise — constantly develop and improve our specialised knowledge and understanding
  5. Professionalism — provide services ethically and by highly-skilled staff
  6. Quality — achieve excellence in everything we do through continuous improvement
  7. Collaboration — deliver great outcomes together with other community providers, supporters and volunteers
  8. Innovation — design and implement new ways of operating and delivering services
  9. Evidence-based services — provide evidence of improved supported services
  10. We care — everyone is important

These principles provide the inspiration and direction for how we engage with our participants, staff, the community and our other stakeholders.

When applying for a position with Ascent, please email with:

  • A completed ‘Application for Employment’ form
  • A cover letter addressing each of the selection criteria
  • Your résumé, which should include contact details for at least 2 work related references

Current positions available are:   Support Worker

Please note: applicants will need to undergo a National Criminal Record Check and Working With Children Check. A current driver’s licence is necessary for most positions.


Our volunteers play a vital role in making a difference to the lives of the people we support.

Volunteering opportunities are available across our organisation. As a volunteer you can:

  • Give back to the community.
  • Make a difference to other people’s lives.
  • Enrich programs and services for the people we support.
  • Have opportunities to use your knowledge, skills and talents.
  • Learn new skills, enhance personal growth and satisfaction through valuable experiences.
  • Connect with others in the community.
  • Be appreciated and valued.
  • Participate in a caring environment.

Contact us to get involved or find out more information. You can call us on (02) 6776 8977, send an email to or fill in our contact form.

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